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How to create the ultimate gaming setup


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The rise of platforms like Twitch have made stars of some gamers and seen stars of other scenes take to streaming their more casual gaming attempts too.

Whether you want to make it as the next celebrity streamer or simply get the most out of your gaming, here’s our guide to putting the ultimate setup together.

Choose your device

The most important thing, of course, is your rig. Whether you buy a console off the shelf or build your own gaming PC, there’s a lot to think about. 

You will need a high-performance GPU for desktops and this should form the basis of any decision you make. Other key considerations are the CPU, RAM and casing, which can provide cooling capabilities. 

For consoles, there’s less modification that you can do, but you may want to consider buying the high-end options offered by Microsoft, Sony and more to improve the experience of you and potential viewers.

You may be able to spread the cost of these purchases with some financial assistance. And meeting your monthly repayments will also help you improve your credit score.

Keyboard and mouse or controller

This isn’t as simple as matching your device. You might prefer to play PC games with a controller, while a selection of console games are compatible with a keyboard and mouse.

Ergonomic peripherals will help you react quickly if you’re playing a fast-paced game. This might be the difference between victory and defeat.

Which monitor to get?

A question many gamers are asking is whether to get a curved or flat monitor.

It’s believed that curved monitors decrease optical injuries as our eyes cover them much more naturally than flatter alternatives. Price differences between the two are also negligible.

By sitting in the middle of a curved screen, your peripheral vision may also help you spot that last enemy camping up high or avoid the last defender as you break through the last line of your opponent’s backline.

Gaming chair

Another consideration when it comes to comfort is your chair. The right one, with proper ergonomic support, will stop you from developing any aches and pains while you’re gaming and streaming.

The physical benefits are clear, but this can also pass down to your gaming ability. With more focus on your screen and controls you might stand a better chance of success!

Lighting and extras

If streaming is your priority, then it’s worth remembering that you will also be on-screen for much of the time. Therefore, it’s important to think about your surroundings. Coloured LED lighting can create a nice vibe and a poster of your favourite game or framed classic game boxes can help you connect with your subscribers.

Other extras can help make your gaming space more comfortable. You could add a drinks fridge to keep you hydrated or a standing desk so that you can mix things up and keep your body loose. 

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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