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The loss of all your worldly possessions is a very real threat to many people. Consequently, you work hard and will do anything to keep the wolf from the door. However, sometimes this isn’t enough, and you must take on side hustles and other strange tasks to survive. This is exactly what happens in Why pizza?. It is a strange but charming title that will make you scowl and giggle simultaneously.

Developed by Marginal act and published by Sometimes You, this is a physics-based platform puzzler. Its strange content will confuse and intrigue you as you avoid obstacles, make friends, and complete tasks. Furthermore, its aesthetics are weird as hell and loud, but the mechanics are tried and tested and feel familiar.

Why pizza? has a weird cast of characters.
Can the pickle save the day?

Why pizza? Is a strange concept.

Thanks to its dated mechanics, veterans and newcomers will love what’s on offer. What’s more, its straightforward and familiar approach ensures you can pick it up with ease. However, it is still challenging because of the physics-based elements and the absurd characters you control. Each protagonist has a massive head that flops and flaps all over the place. This odd element makes traversing tight spaces that bit harder. Alongside this, leaping platforms and avoiding traps can be tough. Accordingly, you must be patient, plan your approach, and work your way through the levels.

The story of Why pizza? is pointless. Effectively, you control a delivery person from a pizzeria. You must deliver your meals from A to B while they are still hot. If you fail to do this, you will be sacked. You’ll lose your home, and your life will be over. This wouldn’t be so bad, but no job is easy, and to make extra cash, you help every creature you meet on your way. Subsequently, a short level becomes a tactical nightmare! You’ll have to deliver messages and goods while completing your main goal. However, if you don’t fancy the extra work, you can simply ignore it and get on with your day.

Why pizza? has far too many surreal and odd images.
Such a dreamy and weird game.

Collectables and hidden paths.

The best platformers have plenty of collectables, luckily Why pizza? doesn’t disappoint. You must find secret tokens and coins within each level. The money is used to buy upgrades and special powers. These are essential if you wish to progress as the action quickly becomes difficult and precise. You can purchase hearts, a lava shield, and “a helping hand”. The latter option stops you mid-jump and allows you to reach higher points. The lava shield removes the deadly molten liquid. Whereas the hearts help you against your foes.

Alongside this, if you wish to explore every stage, you must learn to control your crazy arms. You are asked to recycle boxes to gather items or grab a pickaxe to destroy certain blocks. Whatever you choose, they will open hidden paths that enhance the puzzle elements of the game. With minor Metroidvania aspects, you can easily lose your way on the larger levels. However, you can prevent this by creating new paths or using your special powers. This wonderful concept ensures that every player will have a unique experience. Furthermore, success in every stage isn’t rigid or linear and this was fantastic.

Why pizza? looks strange as hell.

From the bizarre protagonists to the vivid and odd backdrops, Why pizza? looks strange as hell. The vivid and often OTT settings are super weird and surreal. The trippy stage design supports the odd nature of the gameplay while looking fantastic. Moreover, the crazy imagery was reminiscent of a Monty Python skit, albeit a lot more colourful and in your face.

The audio enhances the fun and crazy nature of the action. With upbeat tunes and strange noise, it is a cacophony of ear-splitting sounds. Though the loud and obnoxious audio is uncomfortable to listen to, it is perfect for this game.

So many Monty Python style images.
Need a hand?

Simple controls.

Each stage is jam-packed with enemies, traps, and obstacles. Consequently, it was important that the controls were tight and responsive. Furthermore, as you progress and more mechanics are added, you must be precise in your movements. Fortunately, the excellent UI and button layout ensure that you are accurate and that it is easy to pick up and play.

Though it was simple to play, I was worried that the limited plot would impact the action. Luckily, I was wrong, as it has both longevity and replay value. With many side quests to undertake, secrets to find, and extra levels to explore, there is plenty to do. However, I would have liked the side quests to have more relevance and this would have added depth. What’s more, a speedrun option would have worked well and this should be added retrospectively.

Why pizza? is a charming but weird game.

I love weird and humorous games. Subsequently, Why pizza? resonated with me. Its strange plot, absurd characters, and odd missions enhance the madness. Yes, fundamentally it adds little to the genre. However, its weird but brilliant style makes it stand out from its peers. It is for this reason that I recommend you to buy it here! Can you deliver the pizza and survive each day? Control your head, avoid the traps, and complete each level.


Why pizza? is a bizarre platform puzzle title that is full of surreal images. Its plot makes no sense, but its action is familiar and enjoyable. Excellent aesthetics and smooth controls ensure that you'll fall for its charms while loving the madness of each level.

+ Weird but striking imagery.
+ Loud audio.
+ Great level design.
+ Surreal environments.
+ Longevity if you love collectables.

- The side quests feel irrelevant.

(Rating: PEGI 3 Release date: 22/06/2022 Price: £4.19)

(Reviewed on the Xbox Series X. Also available on Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5)

Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
My gaming career started on an Amiga and spans many consoles! Currently, I game using an MSI laptop and Xbox Series X. A fan of every genre, I love to give anything a go. Former editor and reviewer for, I'm loving my new home here at Movies Games and Tech. I can be contacted for gaming reviews on the following email:

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<p class="has-text-align-justify" style="font-size:14px"><em>Why pizza?</em> is a bizarre platform puzzle title that is full of surreal images. Its plot makes no sense, but its action is familiar and enjoyable. Excellent aesthetics and smooth controls ensure that you'll fall for its charms while loving the madness of each level.</p><br/> + Weird but striking imagery.<br/> + Loud audio.<br/> + Great level design.<br/> + Surreal environments.<br/> + Longevity if you love collectables.<br/> <br/> - The side quests feel irrelevant.<br/> <br/> <p class="has-text-align-center" style="font-size:10px">(<b>Rating:</b> PEGI 3 <b>Release date:</b> 22/06/2022 <b>Price:</b> £4.19)</p><br/> <p class="has-text-align-center" style="font-size:10px">(Reviewed on the Xbox Series X. Also available on Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5)</p><br/>Review: Why pizza?