Tag:7 out of 10

Review: Heal: Console edition

Can you unlock the obstacles in your mind?

Review: Pathologic 2

Being a doctor when plague is rife is no laughing matter.

Review: Pumpkin Jack

A spooky themed 3D platformer where the Devil wishes to spoil the fun.

Review: C14 Dating

Discover a new passion, learn about yourself, and fall in love.

Review: Re:Turn – One Way Trip

a clichéd horror where love can really kill you.

Review: Monster Energy Supercross 3 – The Official Video Game

An in-depth and challenging biking experience that requires practice and patience.

Review: Tinker Racers

Jump in your vehicle and try to survive for as long as possible.

Review: Relicta

A physics based puzzle game where magnetism, polarity and gravity are key.

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Review: 41 Hours: Prologue

Texelworks hypes up their upcoming May 2021 First-Person Shooter (FPS) experience. 41 Hours will take you through an immersive journey including time travel, portals,...

Review: Tetra Cube

Review: Synergia