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Review: The Touryst

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbE8jePzJGc Every now and then I’ll have the chance of playing a game that is exactly the sort of game that I think I’d never...

Review: Mario Golf: Super Rush

Mario Golf has been a well loved franchise since it’s first release on Nintendo 64. Over the years the game has been reimagined for...

Review: Ender Lilies: Quietus Of The Knights

Ender Lilies, a dark 2D action RPG was brought to life by Binary Haze Interactive. The game was initially released on Steam but eventually...

Review: Sumire

Sumire is a charming narrative adventure where a young Japanese girl sets out on an adventure to change her miserable fate and fulfill her wish of seeing her grandmother’s spirit.

Review: DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power

The DC Super Hero Girls franchise is already one loved by many, with a straight to DVD movie, Lego movies and a lively animated...

Review: Backworlds

Backworlds is an oddly charming puzzle platformer game which finally came to the Nintendo Switch after nine years of development. With enough puzzles to...

Review: Legend of Keepers

We are so used to playing as a ruthless hero, how often have you stopped to think about what it would be like to...

Review: Pecaminosa

Pecaminosa takes on the story of John Souza, a former detective with a dark past. Upon beginning the game you are visited by the...

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Review: Trigger Witch

Why use magic when a gun will do!

Review: The Touryst

Review: Highrisers