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Review: My Universe – Doctors & Nurses


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I have never played any of the My Universe: titles, so I went into Doctors and Nurses completely blind. Within this game you are tasked with joining the medical team at the local hospital. You customize (which I say very lightly, there are only a few elements to change) two characters, a doctor and a nurse, who are both new to the job. Within your role, you must diagnose, treat and generally care for patients which can be done through a series of mini game style tasks. 

I am going to immediately preface that I am not the target audience of these games. From starting it up it’s obvious that the My Universe: series is for young children, which I think is fantastic as they are definitely educational. Doctors and Nurses in particular is an extremely educational game, teaching players symptoms of common illnesses, and also spreading the dangers of self diagnosis. The dialogue and exchanges between characters is very easy to understand, at times a little too easy. 

More often than not a character will glitch when they’ve finished speaking. A text box will close, then appear again and lag the game for a split second. Although usually this would just go unnoticed, the rate of which it keeps happening makes it very distracting. Additionally movement seems rather blocky, and very slow. It takes a lot to turn around, so when you miss a location there seems to be a lot of excess time spent circling around yourself before you can walk back in the direction you came. 

In this case, all that wander are lost

It really doesn’t help that there isn’t a map either. The hospital, despite being essentially one room broken up into several smaller ones, is massive. There are many locations to remember with different names that you need for different parts of a patient’s diagnosis. I can’t help but think that this is a huge amount for a child to remember. But maybe that’s because my adult brain is trying to remember at least seven hundred things at once. I spent more time walking around trying to find where I needed to be than actually diagnosing patients. Which is a little frustrating since you walk through a room thinking you can get out the back and find yourself having to once again repeat your own footsteps. 

Final thoughts

As a whole I definitely understand the appeal of this My Universe installment. And I think it could be massively beneficial to young minds. But there are a lot of faults and glitches in the gameplay which very quickly make it lose its charm. Between movement lag, dialogue glitches and an extremely repetitive nature, I don’t think I would entirely recommend this game. As much as I can see it being a fun experience there just isn’t enough in both the story and gameplay to keep me interested. It’s a very basic game, but I think that’s the point.


You have the option to play two new recruits who've just arrived. Gradually, you'll realise that your day-to- day existence is going to be anything but restful. Build relationships with the other members of your new team and get to know their funny and moving personalities. But be sure not to get distracted by your rival, Doctor Pierce! Over the course of your adventure, you'll take care of the various patients who present to you at the hospital as the days go by. Listen carefully to them to understand their symptoms and play fun mini-games to treat them. Every day is a new challenge with its fair share of surprises!
+ A variety of tasks to complete
+ Some sense of character in dialogue
- Very glitchy when walking around
- Glitches during communication with other characters
- No sense of surroundings or map or guides

This game was reviewed on Nintendo Switch
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