NewsNews: Car Mechanic Manager 2023

News: Car Mechanic Manager 2023


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We’ve all been there when a mechanic has sucked the air before giving us a price. It makes your heart sink while hurting your bank account. How about you put the shoe on the other foot and build your empire of workshops? Car Mechanic Manager 2023 has finally been announced, so maybe it’s time to prepare to chuck on your virtual overalls and get greasy.

This has been developed by Pyramid Games and published by Manager Games S.A (part of the Ultimate Games group). This is a car mechanic simulation title that focuses on economy and running the shop floor. It balances the best elements from managerial and tycoon games and will be moreish.

This will need more than just an impact driver.

Car Mechanic Manager 2023 has been developed by a well-established team.

Pyramid Games are specialists in the sim game world! Subsequently, they have released some fantastic and unusual games that proudly sit in my library. Castle Flipper and Rover Mechanic Simulator are two of their much-loved franchises. Therefore, the developers have high hopes that this car-inspired simulation will be a hit among the genres many fans.

The gameplay revolves around the development of each garage, managing employees, controlling finances, and repairing cars. There will be a variety of modes and scenarios to undertake, as well as conflict with your nearest competitors. Furthermore, there will be a wide range of cars and specialist equipment to select from. Therefore, it has the ingredients to be a deep and enjoyable title that will take over your life.


What does the team say?

Car Mechanic Manager 2023 is a unique mix of the best elements of managerial titles and tycoon games. Naturally, the player will have a lot of freedom in choosing the right approach and tactics to achieve their goals, maximise their effectiveness and make the highest possible profits. The game will also feature many random events, which may positively or negatively affect the player’s situation” – said Tomasz Sobiecki, CEO at Manager Games S.A.

“We pay special attention to our proprietary repair system and everything related to it. The assumption is that a vehicle that ends up in the workshop may have obvious defects, but also hidden ones. Of course, it will be up to the player to decide what to do in a given situation. The skills and specialisations of individual workshop employees will also be important. We are preparing, among other things, unique possibilities of deciding how the employees should operate, so that the player will be able to automate their work to a large degree” – added Jacek Wyszyński, CEO at Pyramid Games S.A.

Another car, another job to complete.

Car Mechanic Manager 2023 – main features:

  • Construction and development of a car repair shop. 
  • Multi-stage repair system. 
  • Many types of cars. 
  • Employee management. 
  • Marketing activities and fighting for your share of the market.

The premiere of Car Mechanic Manager 2023 on PC (Steam) is scheduled for 2023. More information can be found on the Steam page!

Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
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