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Kara Phillips

Hi I'm Kara and I am forever spending my days diving into realities far from my own.

Review: Hoa

There’s a time in everyone's childhood where we question what life would be like if you were miniscule and lived amongst the earth. What...

Review: Kitaria Fables

Kitaria Fables is an absolutely adorable action packed Harvest Moon style RPG. I mean, what’s not to love about tiny woodland critters helping you...

Review: Unbound: Worlds Apart

Unbound: Worlds Apart is a thrilling, mysterious Metroidvania developed by Alien Pixel Studios. Following a similar appearance to fellow puzzle platformers, like Hollow Knight...

Review: Together

Published by Ultimate Games for the Nintendo Switch, Together is a bright, fun, multiplayer puzzle game. Tasked with battling enemies, collecting various items, and...

Review: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

If like me, The Legend of Zelda franchise was close to your heart growing up, then I’m sure you shared my excitement when the...

Review: Mario Golf: Super Rush

Mario Golf has been a well loved franchise since it’s first release on Nintendo 64. Over the years the game has been reimagined for...

Review: The Longing

The Longing is an indie point and click game developed by Studio Seufz. Originally released for Windows and Mac, The Longing finally made its...

Review: Ender Lilies: Quietus Of The Knights

Ender Lilies, a dark 2D action RPG was brought to life by Binary Haze Interactive. The game was initially released on Steam but eventually...

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