TechMicrosoftInitial Impressions of Excel 2013

Initial Impressions of Excel 2013


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Now let’s choose the Color Scale after using Undo to reset the table.  You get a nice color scaled formatting of the numbers.

8 Quick Analysis 4

Click Undo and then choose Icon Set.  You’ll see arrows indicating trends in your data.

9 Quick Analysis 5

They also showed off some new charting options.  Select the data and select Insert Recommended Charts,

10 Recommended Charts

The Insert Chart window comes up.  Choose Clustered Bar from the choices on the left.  Click OK.

11 Recommended Charts 2

You get a clustered bar chart that you can resize, move around and edit.

12 Recommended Charts 3

This makes analyzing and charting data easy and fast.  Very nice!

Overall Impressions

Excel 2013 looks like a very nice upgrade to previous versions of Excel.  The added analysis and charting workflows make short shrift of tasks that can be a bit difficult.  Microsoft has deployed a website for each new Office element that shows you how to get the most from each program.  Check out the Excel one here.  I’ll continue to test Office 2013 and bring you my impressions.

What’s New in Office 2013 Getting Started With Excel 2013
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