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Initial Impressions of Excel 2013


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I tested out Excel 2013 briefly tonight; here are my initial impressions!

0 Startup Screen

I installed Office 2013 Consumer Preview here, and told you my initial impressions of Outlook 2013 here.  Now, I bring you some feedback on Excel 2013.

I am an accountant by trade and live in Excel most days.  Therefore, Excel is one of the most important application in the Office suite to me, and I wanted to check it out briefly.  First, go to the Metro desktop and click on Excel.  I circled the tile in this screen shot.

1 Start Screen Exel Cirlced

You get this startup screen.  I decided to take the tour and see what is new, so click on Take a tour.

0 Startup Screen

Excel loads up a workbook that shows off some of the new features.  Click on Let’s go.

2 Welcome

The first demonstration is something called Flash Fill.  Excel watches what you are doing, and anticipates when it can autofill for you.

3 Flash Fill

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Jim McCarthy
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