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CES Unveiled London – The Gametel Wireless Controller for Android


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Do you like playing games on your Android device? If so, you might want to take a look at the Gametel wireless controller which we saw at CES Unveiled London last week.


Fructel, a gaming peripheral company, announced the launch of the Gametel, a wireless controller that transforms your Android smartphone and tablet into a portable games console at CES Unveiled in London last week.

Designed for both casual and hardcore gamers, the Gametel enhances mobile gaming, bringing a level of gameplay accuracy never experienced before on a touchscreen phone.

Compatible with Android smartphones and tablets running Android 2.1.1 Éclair or later, Gametel connects to the device via Bluetooth while a built-in adjustable spring-loaded clamp allows secure docking of any Android handset. Once paired the Gametel automatically connects to the device every time it is powered on.

With a familiar controller design, Gametel’s D-pad, quartet of buttons and two shoulder triggers replicate console-style gaming controls; an impressive nine hour battery life provides more than enough playing time for long journeys and weekly train commutes.


Over 50 compatible games are available now to download from the Android market, including popular titles like Cordy, Asphalt 5 HD, Reckless Getaway, Guns’n’Glory, MotoX Mayhem, Happy Vikings and Zenonia, with more games being added every day.

Bo Nyman, CEO of Fructel says: “Playing casual games on a touchscreen phone is fine but when it comes to playing the more addictive and immersive titles, seamless gameplay is impossible. The Gametel controller overcomes this problem by delivering a console experience on your Android device, freeing the screen from fingers, opening up a bigger viewing area and delivering more responsive physical controls.”

With many of today’s Android smartphone and tablets featuring built-in HDMI connections, mobile gaming can also be brought to the big screen. Hook up an Android device to an HDTV, wirelessly connect up to four Gametel controllers and you can bring your favourite mobile games into the living room with a console-like multi-player set-up.


Gametel_04gametel1_without shadow with game

Gametel specs

Gametel has an RRP of £49.95 and is available to buy from early December.

Learn more from the Gametel website
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