News: QRD Spark N5 Wireless controller

A vibrant and robust controller for your gaming needs.

Review: Exogrip PS5 Controller Grip

In theory, the PS5 Controller Grip is a good idea, but it isn’t an experience I enjoyed. I don’t want to blame the product,...

News: Prime Day

Make massive savings this Prime Day.

News: EVOL-X controller.

An affordable way to enjoy a feature-packed controller.

News: Moga XP-Ultra Controller

An incredible licenced controller for use with Windows, Cloud Gaming, and Xbox Series X/S

Review: EasySMX 9124 Controller

Controllers are a personal thing; what someone likes and insists is the best controller of all time, there will be someone else to explain...

News: Revolution X Pro

New colours but the same excellent controller.

News: MG-X Pro Made For iPhone

A new mobile gaming controller for Apple users.

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