Pure Launch the Contour 200i Air Wireless Audio System

Pure have just launched the Contour 200i Air Wireless Audio System, and last night at CES Unveiled I had a demo.

Gametel Announces Support for Apple iOS Devices

Back in November we introduced you to a company called Gamtel who had developed an Android controller. Now they have announced support for iOS devices too.

CES Unveiled London – The Gametel Wireless Controller for Android

Do you like playing games on your Android device? If so, you might want to take a look at the Gametel wireless controller which we saw at CES Unveiled London last week.

CES Unveiled London – The PURE Contour 100Di Dock

At the CES Unveiled event in London last week, one of the cool gadgets I saw was the Contour 100Di Dock from PURE.

CES Unveiled London – The OrbitSound T12v3 Soundbar

This week saw CES Unveiled come to London for the first time and UWHS were there. One of the gadgets on display was the OrbitSound T12v3 Soundbar.

CES News Round Up – Day 1 (Sort of)

CES doesn’t officially start until Thursday 7th January, but today (Tuesday) and tomorrow there are various events taking place for the press. I attended a couple of events today, and so I thought I would post a brief run down on some of the things I saw.

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