EGX 2022 – Final Thoughts

September 22-25 brought four days of amazing gaming to London, UK in the form of EGX 2022. This was my first time at EGX....

Review: Shindig

Shindig is a game published and developed by Imaginary Friends Games LLP. It is a point-and-click adventure game. Available on Windows PC. The player...

Review: Saint Kotar

Saint Kotar brings back the point and click genre and ultimately fails. https://youtu.be/lDZbkyb8NwQ Saint Kotar has a decent plot, but never improves We begin in a...

Review: Growing Up

Ever wanted to go back in time? Growing Up allows you to relive those early years and decide on a new course. Vile Monarch...

Review: Spacebase Startopia

After getting home from work you want to play videogames to relax and enjoy. Unfortunately with Spacebase Startopia it feels like another job to...

Review: Golf with Your Friends

May the course be with you.

Review: El Hijo

If you were to zoom out from a classic Clint Eastwood standoff, and instead pan up the humble monastery up on a hill, you may find a boy skulking around, longing to escape. El Hijo is the tale of that very kid.

PS Plus Games for September 2020 Announced

September's PS Plus titles have been announced and Street Fighter V and PUGB are the offerings to close the summer weeks: https://youtu.be/CDKmbLlH0ek Parachute into a treacherous...

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Review: Terraformers

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZZpAcVmcSo&ab_channel=GoblinzPublishing As far as we know, Mars is not home to any life, but what if that were to change? In Terraformers, you can get...

Sakeworld Review

Review: Astronite

Review: DREDGE