QNAP recently released TuirboNAS 3.5 for their NAS products, and I am doing several posts on features included in the updates.  This is Part Two and we’ll cover local user and user group creation.  Read on for details.


We recently told you about QNAP’s 3.5 TurboNAS firmware here.  QNAP was good enough to lend me two units to review and this is Part Two of our TurboNAS 3.5 deep dive series.

We’ll look at this product from the standpoint of a power home user, but will also point out where there are business-focused features as we go.  Part One looked at setting up an ISCSI target and can be read here.  Let’s get started on creating users!

Administration of your QNAP NAS is through a clean, well-designed web page interface.  Log in at the Administration screen.

Admin Screen


QNAP has done a great job at laying out the configuration options. The layout is very organized and readable.  Here is a view of the options:


There are many interesting administrative features to look at here.  Let’s start by creating a user!

Create A User

If you have more than one person who needs to be able to access the NAS, you’ll want to create users and maybe user groups.  Let’s walk through the process.  First, click on Create a User.  The Create a User Wizard pops up to take us through the eight required steps.


Clicking on Next brings up the following screen where you input the desired user name and password:


I decided to give my daughter a user account: