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Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Update Process Ahead of Schedule


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The Windows Phone Blog today announced that Mango updates are ahead of scehdule…read on for details.


Windows Phone 7.5 AKA Mango has been rolling out for a few weeks now, and since the process has gone very smoothly, Microsoft is speeding up the process.  Here is what the Windows Phone Blog had to say today:

Hello everyone. When we kicked off the global rollout of Windows Phone 7.5, I told you we planned to balance quality with speed. And for three weeks we’ve been watching quality while sending update notices to a growing fraction of phones.

It’s gone well. So today we’re fully opening the spigot —slightly ahead of schedule—and making Mango available to nearly everyone in the current delivery pool (see Where’s My Phone Update? for the details).

In addition, we’re now scheduling Mango updates for LG Optimus 7 phones on Telefonica in Spain.

We’re excited most of our customers now have access to all the new features in Windows Phone 7.5. But we know there’s still work to do.

For example, we’re working with Orange in Europe to resolve a couple technical issues that are temporarily preventing us from delivering updates at full throttle to all its Windows Phone customers.

Updates for a few phones are also still undergoing carrier tests. If this applies to you, I want you to know we’ve already prepared to expedite delivery of Windows Phone 7.5 to you once carrier testing is finished.

One last thing. Next week we’ll start delivering some model-specific “firmware” from handset makers, so don’t be alarmed if you receive an additional update notification on your phone. These updates are designed to activate new Windows Phone 7.5 features or improve your phone’s performance. Not everybody will receive or require one: It all depends on your country, carrier, and phone model.

That’s it for now. For general questions, and to learn how to manually check for an update, visit Update Central. To research or ask about a specific issue, visit the Windows Phone forum in Microsoft Answers or tweet @WinPhoneSupport.

Eric Hautala, General Manager, Customer Experience Engineering

It’s great to hear that the Mango update experience is rolling out so well!  If you have not updated yet, go over to the Where’s My Phone Update page and see what the status of your update is.

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