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Office Web Apps Updated


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Microsoft update their Office Web Apps today, adding some nice features.  Check them out!


Microsoft’s Office Blog announced some updates to the Office Web Apps.  Here are highlights:

OneNote Web App Ink display. We’ve heard from our OneNote customers who like to use pen-input devices on Tablet PCs to draw and write notes, and we’ve heard from others who enjoy using the Draw tools in OneNote to add ink and highlighting with the mouse or trackpad when working on PC. You’ve told us that you’d like to be able to view your handwritten notes and drawings in the OneNote Web App. With today’s update, the OneNote Web App now displays ink.

Merge and Autofit cells in Excel Web App. Many Excel Web App customers have requested enhanced cell formatting in the Excel Web App, including the ability to merge cells, and to automatically fit cell sizes based on the content the cells contain (AutoFit). With today’s update, you can now do both in the Excel Web App.

Print directly from Excel Web App in the browser. One of our top requests from Excel Web App customers is to print Excel spreadsheets directly from the Excel Web App. We think this enhancement will be a great time-saver when you need to print a spreadsheet by accessing your Excel documents stored on SkyDrive when you’re away from your main PC.

Right-click menus in Excel Web App. We have also heard from Excel Web App customers that you’d like to be able to be able to use some of the same right-click short-cuts that are in Excel for the desktop. Now, you can right-click on cells in the Excel Web App to Cut, Copy, Paste, and work with HyperLinks.

Other improvements to make the Web Apps faster and more reliable. One of the most important things you’ve requested from us is to make the Web Apps faster and more reliable. Today’s update includes a lot of behind-the-scenes improvements that do just that.

I like to use the Office Web Apps for personal stuff, and use inked One Note notebooks for work all of the time.  I really like the inking updates, and would also use the Excel updates mentioned as Excel is my second-most-used Office Web App after One Note.  This is good news!

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