TechBoxee Box Now Available to Pre-order

Boxee Box Now Available to Pre-order


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Boxee have today announced that the long awaited Boxee Box by D-Link is available for pre-order from Also there is news that they will be launching it in a number of other countries as well.


Here is the original post we did last year:

And here is our report from CES back in January:

Here is what Boxee said today:

We have a bunch of Boxee Box news today!

Pre-order now!

D-Link has signed up Amazon (US only) as exclusive pre-order partners for the Boxee Box. People who pre-order through Amazon in the US will receive their Boxee Box before it goes on sale anywhere else.

We think the Boxee Box is ideal for people who want to:

  • Play what you normally watch on your computer  (whether it is on the Internet or your home network) on their TV
  • Tailor the Internet experience to a huge flat screen
  • Do it in full HD, 1080p with 5.1 surround whenever possible
  • Share the stuff you watch with your friends and see what they are watching
  • Use a simple remote rather than a keyboard and mouse

If that is what you are looking to do on your TV then you will love the Boxee Box. It’s $199 and it’s available for pre-order now

International launch:

We have some good news for people who live in _______ (see list below)! D-Link has decided to go for an International launch rather than just release in the US.

Come this November the Boxee Box will be available in the following countries: the US, Canada, Australia and in Europe – Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.

As soon as we have news regarding other countries we will let you know.

Intel Inside:

The Boxee Box has moved to a completely new platform, and is now based on the Intel Atom Processor (the Intel CE4100 system-on-a-chip codenamed “Sodaville”).  This switch means that Boxee will be part of the Smart TV program that Intel is pushing and that will be heavily promoted this fall.

At CES we demoed a Boxee Box running on Nvidia’s Tegra 2 platform. We decided to make the switch to Intel earlier this year (which was a part of what delayed us from our earlier ‘Q2 launch date) to provide better support for high-profile h264, HD playback. There is plenty for us to do with Nvidia on the mobile front and future generations of Tegra are being designed to support a wide variety of video formats, so we are excited to be continuing our relationship in other ways.

The Boxee Box with Intel Inside supports full HD. 1080p, High Profile 4.1. And while the spec calls for 62.5Mbit/s, we have actually tested it in excess of 90Mbit/s (sorry, that’s the highest bitrate sample we could get our hands on). No sweat.

We’re at the Intel Developer Forum today showing off the new Boxee Box by D-Link so if you’re in the area, stop by and see us.

So there you have it – the Boxee Box is available for pre-order now in the US and is coming soon to a number of other places. I still cant wait to get my hands on it!

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