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Boxee Preview Version 1.5 Update for Boxee Box

Today Boxee have posted some screnshots as part of a preview of their forthcoming version 1.5 beta.

SlingPlayer App Now Available for the Boxee Box

D-Link have today announced the availability of the SlingPlayer App for the Boxee Box.

DVBLogic Update DVBLink Boxee Client

For those of you running the DVBLink Boxee app, there is a new version included in the DVBLi

How to Change the Boxee Box Screensaver to Show Your Own Slideshow

D-Link have posted a short how-to guide for Boxee Box owners who want to use their own slideshow as a screensaver.

DVBLogic Release DVBLink Boxee Client

Today saw DVBLogic release the DVBLink Boxee Client – so go grab it now!

Boxee Box Now Available for $179.99

If you were still on the fence about buying a Boxee Box, the price has just been reduced in the US to $179.99.

Boxee Box 1.2 Update Available Shortly

Boxee have also just announced that they will be releasing the Boxee Box 1.2 software update in the next few days.

D-Link Introduces Boxee Remote Control for PC and Mac

Do you want the Boxee Box remote control but don’t have a Boxee Box? Well now you can buy the remote control to use with Boxee software on your PC and Mac.

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