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HomeServerSync Add-In for Windows Home Server Out Now and Special UWHS Reader Offer


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We have been talking about HomeServerSync for Windows Home Server from Tranquil PC for quite a while now, including having a number of exclusive articles. Now that HSS is out how would you like 465 days of service for the price of 365? We have a very special promo code….


You can learn more about HSS by reading this article, and you can read our review of the final beta for the Windows Home Server Add-in and also for the Sync Client and even some of the cool things you can do with the VPN component like backing up your computer over the Internet when you are away from home.

In a nutshell, Home Server Sync is an add-in for Windows Home Server that enables you to backup your important files to an offsite backup location. As part of the subscription, you get 100GB of secure data storage. You also get a client component that enables you to sync files from your computers to your Windows Home Server on a schedule that you set, and you also get a very easy to use VPN component that you can utilise for many different tasks.

The are 3 vital components to HomeServerSync, that work in harmony to provide the ultimate in data security, remote access and PC to WHS to PC synchronisation:

100GB of offsite backup storage is included with more available if needed.
Provision of a unique private network, allowing full access to WHS Console and WHS Shares from anywhere in the world, via internet connection.
Multi PC synchronisation system that not only protects data but means that one PC can receive or send updates to ‘shared’ files and folders on other PCs


I have been using it for a number of months now, and have feed back a lot, and I do mean a lot of comments to Tranquil, pretty much all of which have been taken on board and addressed – which is pretty good going!

So, if you are interested in subscribing to HSS, and I cannot recommend it enough, we have an offer for you.

When you take out your subscription, use the Promo code U098 and instead of getting a 12 month subscription, you will get an extra 100 days free! So you will get 15 months for the price of 12 – now that is a good deal!

So what do you have to do…

First you must request a fully functional 15 day trial by sending an email to: [email protected]

The email will contain information and location of the registration page. On that page you complete all your details and on there you must enter the Promo code U098

You will then be directed to the download page.

Any time during the 15 day trial you can take out your subscription, or at the end of the 15 day trial the service will stop working.

After the subscription is taken out, the 365 day subscription is added and then is increased to 465 days direct on your account.

Simple as that! So, you get all of the above for just £139 (including VAT).

And you don’t have to just be in the UK to use this, anyone, anywhere in the world can use this service.

So what you are waiting for?

Just remember to enter the Promo code U098 on the registration page or you won’t get the 100 days extra free if you take out a full subscription!

You can also learn more at the HomeServerSync website.

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