If you are using DA Document Manager, or if you are thinking of using it, you might be interested in watching some demonstration videos that the guys over at Group Seven Technology have posted.

DA Videos

The DA Team has added some helpful videos on how to use DA Document Manager. We hope these short 1-2 minute videos will help you to become more familiar with DA Document Manager and how it can be a benefit to you. To see the videos click HERE.

Quick Start Video

This video will show you how to save your first Document and how to Search and find it once it is Archived (93 Seconds)

Add a PDF Document to the Workspace

This video will demonstrate how to add an existing PDF Document into your Workspace. This includes using Drag & Drop, the PDF Digitizer and Moving or Coping to the Workspace. (68 Seconds)

Adding New Documents to Existing Archives

DA Document Manager will allow you to combine a new PDF with an existing PDF already stored in your Vault

Auto Fill Form Feature

The “Auto Fill Form” feature will allow you fill the Workspace Form from the information previously saved in a PDF file (65 Seconds)

Whilst these videos are not very long, they are worth a look.

We will be reviewing DA Document Manager for WHS shortly.