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HP MediaSmart Expander for TiVo Add-In for Windows Home Server


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HP are releasing a free Add-In for Windows Home Server called the HP MediaSmart Expander for TiVo.

This free Add-In will allow TiVo owners to manage their content from their HP MediaSmart Windows Home Servers.




Here is the full press release from HP:

PALO ALTO, Calif., March 10, 2010 – HP today made available HP MediaSmart Expander for TiVo®, a new software application that lets TiVo DVR(1) owners manage video content from an HP MediaSmart Server.(2)

With a high-definition (HD) DVR from TiVo, consumers can record and pause live TV, and access the world’s largest on-demand video store to watch hit movies, TV shows, music videos and cool web videos.

With the new software application, which is offered at no charge to MediaSmart server owners, TiVo customers can:

— transfer shows from TiVo to a HP MediaSmart Server and back to TiVo

— view TiVo recordings stored on a HP MediaSmart Server

— watch TiVo recordings that are stored on the HP MediaSmart Server on any PC in the home using Windows Media Player

Based on the Microsoft Windows® Home Server platform, the HP MediaSmart Server is a central repository for automatically backing up and accessing digital music, videos, photos and documents from multiple computers on a home network.(3)

The HP MediaSmart Server automatically organizes files across all Windows and Mac computers, streams media across a home network and the Internet,(4) and publishes photos to popular social networking and photo sharing sites.

“The HP MediaSmart Server is the ideal companion to TiVo. With the HP MediaSmart Expander for TiVo, consumers don’t have to worry about running out of high-definition storage space since they can save their movies and shows on the HP MediaSmart Server and watch them on any computer in the home,” said Jason Zajac, vice president of Attach, HP Personal Systems Group. “Plus, consumers will benefit from all of the additional features the HP MediaSmart Server provides, such as backing up all Windows and Mac computers.”

Pricing and availability

The free HP MediaSmart Expander for TiVo application can be accessed through the Windows Home Server Console of the HP MediaSmart Server EX90/EX495 and HP Data Vault.

(1) Requires TiVo DVR Series II, Series III, TiVo Premier and TiVo desktop software.

(2) Compatible with HP MediaSmart Servers EX490/EX495. HP MediaSmart Server, PCs and TiVo DVR must be on the same network.

Whilst it is really great to see HP coming out with some more Add-Ins for Windows Home Server, especially free ones, it’s just a shame they release one that pretty much does the same thing as TiVO Publisher for WHS. Also, its a bit of poor timing what with the announcement this week that TiVo’s Q4 2009 results were a loss of $10.2 million.

Still, anything that adds to Windows Home Server cannot be a bad thing!

I don’t have a TiVo here in the UK, they never really took off, so any of our US readers that have one and try this add-in, let us know what you think – and why not consider writing a review for us?

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
I am the owner and editor of this site. I have been interested in gadgets and tech since I was a little kid. I have also written a number of books on various tech subjects. I also blog for The Huffington Post and for FHM. And I am honoured to be a Microsoft MVP since January 2008 - again this year as an Xbox MVP.


  1. It looks a lot like Tivo Desktop. I have a Series II Tivo and an EX485 so I will be curious to see HP's reply about compatibility. It may be you need the 3.0 disks for the EX485.

    • hi cskenny, you get around 🙂 MSWHS is reporting this;

      2.Is compatible with HP MediaSmart Servers EX490/EX495. HP MediaSmart Server, PCs and TiVo DVR must be on the same network

  2. Does Tivo use Copy Protection on the recordings? I do not use Tivo but it seems that since a Tivo typically uses a CableCARD that they do not use it if it can play on the other connected PCs.

    In addition, Tivo states "for full dual-channel recording, TiVo Premiere and XL require one M-card. Unlike the TiVo HD and HD XL, Premiere only has one CableCARD

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