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WHS Health Add-In for Windows Home Server Version


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Nigel “Cougar” Wilks, fellow WHS MVP, has just released an update to his WHS Health AddiIn for Windows Home Server. It is now at version Cougar doesn’t sit around, it was only a month ago we reported about another update to WHS Health :

Version now has the following key changes:-

  • Logoff option when viewing over HTTPS
  • Improved the drives page, it’s now bigger and has status icons.
  • Status Icons added to Backups, Drives and Shared Folders pages.
  • Translation of XML Date format into a more popular format (the installer will pick MM/DD/YYYY for US systems and DD/MM/YYYY for other)
  • Removed Serial Number from System Information page.

The biggest change we have made to WHS Health is localization; we now dynamically support English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish based on the system or browser language settings.

Localization also exists for the WHS Console Settings page but are based on the language of the Windows Home Server.

WHS Health - Ready to install

I installed the new version in a matter of minutes and was up and running in the time it took to log back into the Windows Home Server Console.

09-03-2010 20-59-52 09-03-2010 21-00-40 09-03-2010 21-00-57 09-03-2010 21-00-25

Well done yet again Cougar – keep up the great work. I know I said that last time, but I really mean it. This is a really useful add-in that everyone should use.

You can download WHS Health, and a number of other great Add-Ins from here:

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  1. Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for the good feedback. Sorry we had a quick version update due to some last minute Japanese translation changes and its now



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