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Wuala and Windows Home Server


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What is Wuala you might well ask? Wuala is an online file store from LaCie.

Wuala home page

LaCie are including this with their Big5 Windows Home Server, and also with a number of the other storage products, including the WhizKey and others.

The way it works is that you share some of your space on your computer for others to use, and they do the same for you. The more you share, the more you get back. You can also buy storage space if you wish.

I had used Wuala for a month or so having learnt about it just before CES (yep, we haven’t mentioned CES in a few weeks have we). Dave over at the Home Server Show even shared out some of his photos from CES on their for me and others to view.

Al West over at has done a really good write up of it, including running it on your Windows Home Server, so rather than do my own in this instance, I thought I would point everyone there.

To read Al’s article, click here:

Ok, so what did I think of Wuala? To be honest, I have stopped using it. Personally I found that it crashed a lot, at least for me, and that defeated the purpose. I also didn’t like the idea of relying on other people to have their computer and network connection available should I need to restore something. If I need something restored, and it’s urgent, I want it there and then, and I cant be in a position where its not available for days because a piece of my file is stored on an inaccessible machine somewhere. Now ok, to be fair, I don’t know how often that would happen, but it could, and that’s enough for me to not rely on it. Although if you had non important files you could use it – but if they are not important why are you backing them up over the Internet?

So I decided, for now at least, to remove it from my computer, and that’s where I came across the other thing I didn’t like – to uninstall it you have to manually delete files from your computer. There is no uninstall option!

Anyway, don’t let me put you off, I know that a lot of people are using it all the time, the guys over at the Home Server Show love it and talk about it a lot.

To learn more about Wuala, and to sign up for free, click here:

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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  1. Hey Andrew,

    Thanks for the mention. There is no shortage of discussions on Wuala over at as you said in the post. It's the most popular topic in the forums right now. If anyone has questions about running Wuala on your PC or WHS I would suggest reading those threads.

    Great new look by the way!


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