Earlier this week, we reported that LaCie had announced their entrance into the Windows Home Server market. In case you missed that, you can read it here.

Today at CES, I managed to get a hands on closer look at the LaCie 5BIG Backup Server as it was referred to here at CES.

The front of the server is silver, with nothing but a blue circle.


On the back of the server however, this is where the real action is. There are 5 removable drive bays, each one lockable, along with the usual assortment of connectors, including 4 USB sockets and an eSata port. It certainly is different to see the drive bays in the back of a Windows Home Server for a change.


The specifications for the LaCie 5Big Backup Server are as follows:

Atom based 64-bit chipset, with a single core (the new Pinetrail chip)


5 drive bays (as you can see above)

178 x 220 x 196 mm

It will be sold in the US, Europe, Australia and Asia.

It also contains the Wuala software which is an online P2P backup solution).

One thing I can say for sure, is that if you have 5 drives in the server, the data will be safe – mainly because the thing weighs a tonne!

More information and a full review over the coming months.