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Using the To Desktop Add-in for Windows Home Server


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If you are one that tends to use the WHS console rather than using Remote Desktop than this add in could be for you. What this does is allow you to get to your WHS desktop from within a console session.

First you need to download the add in from here: Download

Once you have it downloaded place it in the \\software\add ins directory. Now open the console and go into the add ins tab of the settings and the To Desktop will be available to install.

To learn more about installing add-ins, click here.

Once the install is complete reopen the console. In order to access this add in you will need to go back to settings and it will be listed on the left. There are 3 options listed for using this add in. See screenshot below.


The first option is to minimize. What this function does is allow you to minimize the console and get to the desktop of the server. Not to much to mention but it does what it is intended to do.

Clicking the exit full screen will open a new window of the desktop on top of the console. This will also open Windows explorer as shown below.


Finally the last option is close. What this will do is close the WHS console and once again bring you back to the desktop of the server as if you used Remote Desktop.


That is all there is to this add in. It is pretty straightforward and does what it is intended to do. A few things to note when using this add in. One is that when you use the close option the next time you log onto the console you will be presented with the desktop instead of the console itself. The other is that anyone else using the WHS console will also have access to this and to the desktop of the server so it might something to think about before installing it.

Overall this is a fairly good add in. Is it a required add in? Depends. I am assuming that majority of people just use RDC to gain access to the WHS. However if you are one that uses the console then this can definitely come in handy when you need access to the desktop or other areas of the server.

Duane Couture
Duane Couture
I currently run my own consulting business with a day job as a Technical Support Rep for a software company. I am currently certified by Comptia A+, Network+ and hold a MCSA and MCSE certifications from Microsoft (working MCITP). I have been using WHS now for about a year and a half. The main reason I looked into it was because after dealing with IT all day I wanted something that was easy to use and setup. That coupled with the backup functions that are built in is another reason for using WHS and with the add ins that are available it is exactly what I was looking for.


  1. I generally use the console, and I use the web client to connect to the console. This allows access to the desktop, without the complexity of working through RDC from afar.

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