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Hulu Coming to the UK


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For those of us with Media Center PCs, Hulu is a great service that provides video on demand in case you missed any of your favourite TV shows, like the season finale of 24.

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This was publishing in an article in the Daily Telegraph today

“According to senior sources close to the UK negotiations, Hulu is trying to sign a deal with both commercial broadcasters in the next few weeks, for a roll-out of the service by September.

Hulu is also understood to be in talks with the BBC as it is hoping to cash in on the gap left by the disallowed Project Kangaroo, the proposed VoD service from BBC Worldwide, ITV, and Channel 4 which was blocked by the Competition Commission earlier this year.

A source close to the negotiations said: “Hulu is proposing to launch this September with 3,000 hours of American content, as well as material from the BBC, ITV and Channel 4. It will be playing catch-up in the short-term until it has enough British TV content and will need a unique selling point in the short term.”

Pundits are predicting Hulu will follow the British VoD pattern and allow access to the British TV partners’ content the night after it broadcasts, making it available for 30 days.

However the negotiations have come to a temporary halt because Hulu wants to retain control over Channel 4’s and ITV’s advertising sales around all of content on the platform.

A senior TV advertising executive close to both broadcasters explained: “Hulu is proposing a model that works in the American marketplace – however Channel 4 and ITV will not consent to that. Both parties always retain the commercial rights and sell their own ad inventory. Hulu executives want a September launch and are running out of time if they continue with this line of negotiation.”

A Hulu spokesperson said: “At the moment we don’t have any details to share.” Channel 4 and ITV declined to comment and the BBC was unavailable. “

That is great news for those of us in the UK who cant get Hulu (yes, I know there ARE ways to get it, but this will be official!).

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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    • What do you mean by use it with WHS? All you need is a computer with an internet connection and Flash installed. You dont download any of the content, it is streamed to your computer.

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