Silent Hunter Online – Now an Open Beta

Ubisoft and Blue Byte announced the Open Beta launch for Silent Hunter Online. With the start of the Open Beta players around the world...

Fractal Design Launch new Silent Series R2 fan range

As you know, we are big fans of Fractal Design, and they have just launched a new Silent Series R2 fan range.

More Information on the Tranquil PC Riley Servers

We have been speaking to Tranquil about their forthcoming Riley servers and have some information to share.

Tranquil PC Announce the Silent Riley Server Series

Today Tranquil PC announced a new series of silent servers called the Riley series.

Tranquil Launch T7-SEHS Slim and Silent WHS 2011 Box

Tranquil have updated their very first WHS box to WHS 2011.

Review of the Xtreamer Cooler – the XSC

The Xtreamer silent cooler, the XSC arrived this morning and if you have an Xtreamer you will want one of these now.

Xtreamer Cooler UK Pricing Information

Further to our post over the weekend on the announcement of a cooler for the Xtreamer that makes it silent, the pricing has been released.

Xtreamer Media Streamer Firmware Update Available

If you have one of the Xtreamer media streamers then you will probably want to update the firmware to the latest released version which just came out – version It is very easy to update the firmware, and so I decided to do some more videos.

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