Hands On Review of XBMC 10.0 Dharma

The latest version of XBMC has been released – bringing it to version 10.0, also referred to as Dharma. Here we provide our hands-on review.

Intel Expands Intel Atom Processor-Based Platform to Home and Small Office Storage Devices

Yesterday at CEBIT, Intel launched it’s first Atom processor-based platform that is optimised for networked home and small office storage devices. This includes Windows Home Server and Linux devices, to name but two possible uses.

Greyhole – Easily expandable and redundant storage pool using Samba

One of our readers, Guillaume Boudreau contacted us yesterday to let us know of a project he has been working on called Greyhole.

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Review: Transport Fever 2

https://youtu.be/pc0TRxRGSP0 Transport Fever 2 - Console Edition is the perfect opportunity to test your OCD mindset and strategic powers. Furthermore, this simulation game enables you...