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Parallels Workstation 6 Launched


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Today saw the release of Parallels Workstation 6, which lets you run multiple OS configurations at the same time on Windows and Linux PCs.


Parallels Workstation provides the capability for Small Businesses and Professionals to deploy desktops faster and protect against failure and downtime by reducing costs through desktop and application virtualization. Parallels Workstation lets you run multiple OS configurations at the same time on Windows and Linux PCs. Simplify the way you work across environments, automate routine tasks and enable you to enjoy the flexibility to access and manage locally, remotely or on the go using the Parallels Mobile app for iPad and iPhone.

Professional Grade

  • Tested and certified on more than 25 major Windows editions and Linux distributions
  • Controlled Native Execution (CNE) takes advantage of legacy hardware, providing virtualization without hardware-assisted support
  • Faster VMs with Intel VT-x2 support


  • USB smart connections remember assignments and automatically connect to appropriate VM
  • Easily configure networking profiles across virtual machines for users moving between physical locations
  • Allows for drag-and-drop and copy-and-paste between VMs
  • Integrate applications from multiple VMs onto the host desktop for easy access
  • Automates routine administration tasks to reduce configuration time and simplify mobility


  • Remotely start, stop and reset VMs via the Parallels Management Console
  • Access VMs and their applications while on the go with the Parallels Mobile app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
  • Easily convert physical and virtual environments into Parallels Workstation VMs with Parallels Transporter
  • Automatically encrypt VMs for privacy and security

With a special student edition now available for $39.99 and a limited time offer of $49.99 (regularly $79.99) for customers using earlier versions of Parallels Workstation or Parallels Desktop for Windows and Linux, take advantage of this opportunity today!


Learn more about Parallels Workstation 6 here
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