A look outside the E3 2014 Conference Center

E3 2014 doesn’t actually start for another two days, but downtown Los Angeles is already changing.

All the Press Conferences Times for E3 2014 in one place

Here are the times of the Press Conferences for this years E3 event, we will be at all the events getting hands on, with...

E3 2013 Games advertising in pictures

Whilst the doors to E3 haven’t opened yet, there is a lot of advertising going on for games coming soon, some as late as 2014.

E3 2013 The Calm before the Storm video

It's Sunday 9th June 2013 and here in LA and E3 2013 is about to kick off.

EA to Open LA Dice Studio

EA is to open a new LA studio which will house a new section of Battlefield developer DICE. According to a report on the...

L.A. Noire Gag Reel Shows Crew Fluffing Lines in Game – Video

L.A. Noire has received a post-release bloopers reel.

Windows Phone 7 – First Look

On November 2, 2010 I was able to attend the Windows Phone 7 Executive Briefing Event held at the Microsoft facility in downtown Los Angeles. I arrived at 8:30 and opened the netbook, ready to write down all I could about Windows Phone 7. Read on to find out more about the Windows Phone 7.

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