Review of the Lite-On 8x External Slim DVD Writer

So you may ask yourself why you need an external DVD writer? Well, there could be plenty of reasons. Here we look at the Lite-On 8x External Slim DVD Writer.

How To Perform a Server Reinstallation of Windows Home Server

Continuing our series of “How To….” guides, this one is all about how to perform a server reinstallation of the Windows Home Server software in the event of a problem, or just because you want to.

New HP MediaSmart Server EX485 and EX487 Software Update

Today HP announced the forthcoming release of a software update for the HP MediaSmart EX485 and EX487 Servers, known as the 2.5 Update.

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Review: Super Magbot

Super Magbot is a challenging 2D platformer with one hell of a gimmick: no jumping.  Yes, you heard that right. The exclusion of such a foundational...

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Review: Death’s Door