AMD CPU Upgrade and Corsair H50 Installation on a Friday night – Video Edition

I did it again. I bought another Dell Outlet PC and I am going to upgrade the CPU and add on a H50 Corsair CPU cooler. This PC is for my mobile work bench, and testing equipment in the garage, so cooling is important. I had some extra space on the side of the rolling cabinet and wanted to keep the top clear for equipment and video. Wait till you see where the H50 went...

Review of the Xtreamer Cooler – the XSC

The Xtreamer silent cooler, the XSC arrived this morning and if you have an Xtreamer you will want one of these now.

Xtreamer Silent Cooler Out Next Week

As we reported a couple of weeks ago, Tranquil PC here in the UK is releasing a cooler for the Xtreamer media device that makes it silent and it starts shipping next Monday.

More Information on the Xtreamer Cooler

The installation guide for the new Xtreamer cooler has been posted ahead of the release of the cooler itself.

Xtreamer Cooler UK Pricing Information

Further to our post over the weekend on the announcement of a cooler for the Xtreamer that makes it silent, the pricing has been released.

Xtreamer Media Streamer Firmware Update Available

If you have one of the Xtreamer media streamers then you will probably want to update the firmware to the latest released version which just came out – version It is very easy to update the firmware, and so I decided to do some more videos.

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