Review: Belkin 4-way Power Strip

A new electronic device is a guilty pleasure for many. However, what often gets overlooked is your power supply. This incredibly important component can...

Review: Belkin Desktop charger

Charge multiple devices at one for optimum performance.

Two Minute Review : Mophie powerstation PD XL Charger

It's time for another two minute review, this time for the Mophie powerstation PD XL Charger.

Review of the Belkin Express Dock for iPad and iPhone

If you have an iPad or an iPhone with a lightning connector then you might want to take a look at our review of Belkin’s Express Dock.

Nokia Asha 501 gets Portable Charger

Nokia has announced the DC-18 portable USB charger for Asha 501 handsets. The mobile power unit weights in at 65g and comes equipped with...

Two Minute Review of the Griffin PowerJolt SE with Lightning Connector

When Apple released the iPhone 5 anyone who got one soon realised that many existing accessories were not going to work. Thankfully Griffin quickly released a car charging cable with a Lightning Connector called the PowerJolt SE and here is our two minute review.

Two minute review of the Power Pyramid for PS3 from Konnet

How do you deal with charging all your PS3 controllers at the same time, and without switching on the PS3? Well you need the Power Pyramid from Konnet, and here is our two minute review.

Review of the ReTrak Retractable 70W Universal Notebook Wall Charger with Thin Charger Design

If you carry your notebook or laptop around with you a lot you might want to consider swapping the power brick that comes with it for a smaller, lightweight charger. That's were the ReTrak Retractable 70W Universal Notebook Wall Charger with Thin Charger Design comes in, and here is our review.

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A futuristic rogue-lite with a repetitive core.

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