ReviewsReview: Belkin 4-way Power Strip

Review: Belkin 4-way Power Strip


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A new electronic device is a guilty pleasure for many. However, what often gets overlooked is your power supply. This incredibly important component can be the difference between a disappointing performance and a reassuringly great time. As such, when I was offered the Belkin 4-way Power Strip, I didn’t hesitate. 

This intelligent and well-built accessory is robust, has a built-in surge protector, and has 2 USB-A ports as standard. What’s more, the sockets are child resistant, it has an independent switch, and it has a whopping £20,000 connected equipment warranty. Subsequently, I felt extremely confident when plugging in my expensive tech.

What’s in the box of the Belkin 4-way Power Strip?

  • The rectangular packaging safely houses the contents. Furthermore, it is fully recyclable, and that’s fantastic. Visually, it is striking with a simple but effective colour palette.
  • The Belkin 4-way Power Strip is a commanding size. What’s more, it is robust and easy to use, and the surge protector has a clear indicator. At the bottom are two USB ports to increase usability.
  • Warranty card. A useful document in case anything goes wrong.

Technical aspects. 

If you work from home or have a large family, socket space is at a premium. Therefore, expanding your options without an electrician’s help is a must. Accordingly, this power strip is a convenient and safe way to power more devices at once.

With its 13A-rated socket and power surge protection, it is easy to use, while preventing your goods from unwanted damage. The protection system prevents power surges, lightning strikes and AC contamination from damaging your home electronics. However, if this goes awry, you are protected by the incredible £20,000 warranty.

Another key aspect that impressed me was the child resistant sockets. If you have little ones in your life, you’ll know all about socket covers. Accordingly, these handy little tools prevent little fingers from getting electrocuted. Thankfully, the Belkin 4-way Power Strip is designed to resist such intrusions. However, it is not infallible, so some common sense is still a must.

Is the Belkin 4-way Power Strip worth it?

Somehow, Belkin has managed to make a boring aspect of your setup a little more interesting. Thanks to its incredible design and flexible approach, it is the perfect tool for most households. What’s more, it looks great and has a reassuring protection warranty.

Alongside this, you get a 1-year user warranty as standard, built-in surge protection, and 2 handy USB ports. In short, it’s an unsung hero that’ll improve your setup immediately. Unsurprisingly, I was impressed, and I recommend you buy it here!

(More information on Belkin can be found here!

Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
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