ReviewsReview: Belkin Desktop charger

Review: Belkin Desktop charger


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Charging solutions are often mind-boggling and confusing. Do you run cabling here, there, and everywhere? Or do you research a simpler method? The first option is convenient, but my goodness, how unsightly! The latter choice is exactly what you want, but who has time to go through every device known to mankind? Accordingly, why don’t I help you out by discussing the excellent Belkin Desktop charger?

This 108W power delivery GaN is a user-friendly and intelligent way to tidy up your workspace or kitchen worktop. This mains-powered device incorporates 2 USB-A ports and 2 USB-C ports for simultaneous charging. Furthermore, its sleek design and high-power output ensure it delivers optimum charging at all times.

What’s in the box of the Belkin Desktop charger?

  • The compact and robust box is striking to look at. With a fresh colour palette and simple imagery, it is pleasant for the eyes. What’s more, it is emblazoned with key selling points.
  • The Belkin Desktop charger is an eye-catching device. Presented in brilliant white and comprising a smooth finish, it screams high end. Alongside this, it is noticeably heavy, and the ports are robust, well-labelled, and easy to access.
  • Power adapter. The AC adapter is white and feels well-made.
  • Warranty card. Key information in case anything goes wrong.

Technical aspects. 

Modern life is fast-paced and demanding. Subsequently, you want your devices charged yesterday. As such, the demand for fast-charging compatibility is on the rise. Fortunately, the Belkin Desktop charger uses its GaN technology to deliver optimum performance. Therefore, you’ll be blown away by how incredible this accessory is.

The USB-C port can draw a massive 96W of power to fast charge a MacBook Pro from 0 to 50% in under 40 minutes. Now, this may seem a minor thing, but to deliver that much juice in such a short space of time is incredible. Moreover, this is happening via the desktop charger and your USB cable. Consequently, you’ve removed the unsightly chargers without compromising your charging prowess.

Alongside this, the 108W power supply enjoys intelligent power sharing when 4 devices are plugged in. Accordingly, you experience high-voltage charging that is evenly distributed across each device. Therefore, not only is this perfect for your office, but it is also great for busy families. Instead of searching for an array of chargers, simply plug in your tablets, eReaders, phones and more, and get on with your day.

Because of its GaN technology, the Belkin Desktop charger is compatible with many high-end brands. Samsung, Nokia, Apple, Google, and more are verified for this product. This is incredibly reassuring as no one wants to damage their expensive technology.

Is the Belkin Desktop charger worth it? 

I, like most people, hate running out of power. Moreover, I detest poor cable management, and I think it’s unsightly. On top of this, it can be extremely inconvenient to find the correct USB adapters. Therefore, to save time, frustration, and effort, the Belkin Desktop charger is an efficient and stylish device way to get the job done. 

Alongside this, the handy fast charging facility via the GaN technology is incredible. I was amazed by how easy it was to use, and its efficient approach. Consequently, now I’ve started using this charger, I don’t want to return to conventional methods. I loved it for the aforementioned reasons, and I easily recommend you buy it here

(More information on Belkin can be found here!

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Daniel Waite
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