Apple releases iOS 6.1.3 update fixing lock screen bug

Apple have just pushed out iOS 6.1.3, which includes a fix for the lock screen bug.

Apple releases iOS 6.1.2 update to fix Exchange calendar bug

Apple have just released iOS 6.1.2.

Aliens: Colonial Marines To Receive Season Pass and More

If you are excited over the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines? Well of course you are, and thinking will there be more DLC? Well then Sega...

Nokia Release Lumia 900 Data Connectivity Bug fix

We have talked a few times about the Nokia Lumia 900 smartphone here at CDW, and Nokia have just released a bug fix that addresses an issues lost data connectivity.

SageTV V7.0.12 Beta Released

The latest beta release of the popular SageTV application has been released.

Microsoft Release Bug Fix For Windows Media Center Music Library Issue

Microsoft have released a bug fix for an issue with Windows Media Centers Music Library.

Are You Having Problems With the Outlook 2010 Beta?

Aer you running the Outlook 2010 beta? Are your emails appearing to be huge in size when they only contain a few lines? Are people telling you that you are sending them blank messages? If yes to any of these, you need to read this!

Seagate Hard Drive Problems

While this may not exactly be “new” news, anyone with certain makes of Seagate hard drives should check to see if the drives they have are affected by a firmware bug.

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