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SlingPlayer App Now Available for the Boxee Box


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D-Link have today announced the availability of the SlingPlayer App for the Boxee Box.


With a Slingbox SOLO or PRO-HD in your home, the SlingPlayer app will allow you to experience home entertainment on another level. The SlingPlayer app on the Boxee Box is essentially acting as a gateway to all of your favorite home entertainment devices. So what exactly can you control, you ask? Well, the list starts with your digital cable box, satellite receiver, DVR, DVD player and video on demand. You’re probably thinking what I was thinking, that seems like a lot! It is. I also thought to myself, why do I need this? There’s a good answer for that too. Most people have a home entertainment setup in one room of their home, the living room. Now with the SlingPlayer app on the Boxee Box you can take that full home entertainment experience to ANY TV, around the house, your vacation home or even your dorm room.

Simply navigate to the Boxee app menu on your Boxee Box to find the SlingPlayer app. Once logged in use Sling Media’s new program guide designed for users like you and I to browse content and change channels with greater ease. Not only can you do that, but you can even schedule and watch recordings on your DVR with full capability to fast-forward, pause, or rewind. Perfect for families with multiple TVs in their home.

So, if you have a Slingbox and have been looking for a way to extend your HDTV experience that currently only resides in your living room to a new place. Search no more! The Boxee Box can fulfill that dream for you.

Make sure to watch the video below too, to see the SlingPlayer app in action!

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