The Handmaid’s Tale from The Folio Society

‘Science fiction has monsters and spaceships; speculative fiction could really happen.’ Margaret Atwood’s chilling cautionary tale is illustrated by the Balbusso sisters and published by The Folio Society.

Catch-22 from The Folio Society

Joseph Heller’s masterpiece of anti-war satire is given a fittingly glorious home in this Folio edition introduced by celebrated writer and critic Malcolm Bradbury.

Watch the Ready Player One trailer based on the bestseller from Ernest Cline

Over the weekend Warner Bros. UK revealed the official trailer and teaser one-sheet for Steven Spielberg's pop culture odyssey, Ready Player One, based on...

Review : PlayStation Anthology

If you are a fan of PlayStation, or of retro gaming, the new PlayStation Anthology book is something you might want to take a look at!

Moonraker from The Folio Society

The Folio Society has a number of beautifully illustrated reproductions of Ian Fleming’s Bond novels.  Moonraker once more features the talents of Fay Dalton, who has provided images and a stunning slipcase.

PlayStation Anthology – The Definitive History of the Machine

In celebration of a console that brought wonder into the lives of so many, and a brand that reshaped the whole entertainment industry, the...

The Folio Society releases Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and A Scanner Darkly

With the hotly anticipated release of Blade Runner 2049 set to hit the big screens in October, The Folio Society has been in the process for two years creating a two title combination of Philip K Dick’s outstanding Sci-Fi novels, landing ahead of the film release. 

Two Minute Review: Personalised Gerry Anderson Collector’s Edition Book

Personalised gifting group, I Just Love It, recently launched seven new personalised Thunderbirds books and here is our two minute review of the Personalised Gerry Anderson Collector’s Edition book.

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Save the farm and become a legend.

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