The Folio Society has a number of beautifully illustrated reproductions of Ian Fleming’s Bond novels.  Moonraker once more features the talents of Fay Dalton, who has provided images and a stunning slipcase.

Moonraker by Ian Fleming The Folio Society edition

Sir Hugo Drax is England’s darling: the self-made millionaire whose gift of a nuclear warhead promises a new era of peace for a nation afraid of a third world war. When M asks Bond to find out why this illustrious man cheats at cards, his concern is only for Drax’s reputation. But when two men die at the ‘Moonraker’ plant in a bizarre murder-suicide, just days before the weapon’s practice shoot, Bond must uncover the terrible truth of Drax’s enterprise and the dark history behind his abominable plans.

Illustration by Fay Dalton from The Folio Society edition of Moonraker by Ian Fleming ©Fay Dalton 2017

Fay Dalton is a London-based illustrator. She has a first-class degree in Illustration and was the winner of the 2010 Pickled Ink Award for illustration. Fay combines traditional drawing and painting methods with digital painting. She has also illustrated From Russia With Love (2016), Dr No (2017) and Casino Royal (2017) for The Folio Society.

Illustration by Fay Dalton from The Folio Society edition of Moonraker by Ian Fleming ©Fay Dalton 2017

The presentation of the book, from the artwork on the case, to the printing on the spine, is lovely – just like the other books in the series.

Having read the James Bond books when I was a child I was eager to see the illustrations from Fay Dalton and how well they integrated into the story, and I wasn’t disappointed. The  illustrations are amazing and really help to bring certain scenes to life, just like the other books in the series.

If you are a fan of James Bond books, this one is a must for your collection. I cant wait to see which book The Folio Society and Fay Dalton release next.

Available now from the Folio Society priced £34.95.

You can learn more about Moonraker and other books from the Folio Society from their website.