Free DLC Coming to Arma 3 Soon

Bohemia Interactive is planning to release Arma 3’s campaign in 3 free episodes after the game’s initial launch. Supplied as free DLC, the first...

Raspberry Pi’s Eye Coming for Testers for the Camera

Raspberry Pi are calling for testers for the Camera module, Raspberry Pi owners to build video applications is expected to go on sale in April, according to the Pi Foundation’s Liz Upton.

Windows 8 : Signing In with a Picture Password

One of the new features coming in Windows 8 is the ability to sign in using a Picture Password. Microsoft have posted a detailed article on how this works and it’s worth reading.

UWHS Needs Your Help

How would you like to visit events such as CES? How would you like to write for UWHS? Well now’s your chance – UWHS needs your help!

Vail Remote Web Access and Its Extensibility

There is a new article on the Windows Home Server blog about Vail Remote Web Access and Its Extensibility which is worth a read.

The Windows Home Server Team Blog Has Moved

The Windows Home Server Team Blog has now moved and has joined the Windows blog.

MSWHS is Currently Off the Air

Phil over at MSWHS.com has asked me to put out a quick post for him to apologise that MSWHS.com is currently off the air. UPDATE: Its back now!

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Witch strandings is a strand style game that tasks players with the job of healing a forest from a witch by carrying items to...

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