Home Server Show 35 Out Now

David over at the Home Server Show has just released podcast number 35 – Before you install.

Western Digital Home Backup and Media Server

Yesterday Western Digital announced its newly redesigned My Book World Edition network storage drive. Designed for consumers who have multiple computers on a home network, the new drive will be available in 1 terabyte and 2 terabyte capacities, and is compatible with PC and Mac computers.

Backing up a Mac with an HP MediaSmart EX485 or EX487

ow that the new HP MediaSmart Servers are shipping, I thought I would post something on how to configure your Apple Mac to use Time Machine to back up to your Windows Home Server.

The Home Server Show 34 – Interview with Via on the A1000, A2000 and NSD-7800

David over at the Home Server Show has just released podcast number 34.

New HP MediaSmart Home Servers

The two new HP MediaSmart Home Servers are now shipping, or at least are shipping from some places. Amazon.com are still showing them as pre-order but people are reporting that they are receiving them.

Syncing Two Windows Home Servers

Do you own more than one Windows Home Server? Have you ever thought about using one to back the other up and visa versa?

Seagate Hard Drive Problems

While this may not exactly be “new” news, anyone with certain makes of Seagate hard drives should check to see if the drives they have are affected by a firmware bug.

Windows Home Server January 2009 Update

Today the Windows Home Server team is releasing a small update to the product. The update improves the capability of Windows Home Server to repair abnormalities detected in the home computer backup database.

Internet Explorer 8 RC1 Available Now

The 1st Release Candidate of Internet Explorer 8 is now available to download and use.

The Media Center Show 2008 Awards Show

While we were all in Las Vegas for CES, Ian Dixon recorded the Media Center 2008 Awards Show which I was honoured to be a part of.

New Update for HP MediaSmart Servers

Today HP have released a new update for owners for their MediaSmart Servers.

Try Windows 7 today

Here at CES earlier this week, Microsoft announced the release of the public beta of Windows 7. You can download it today and have a play with it by going to the Windows 7 beta download site. You can also download it if you have a TechNet or MSDN subscription.

Thank You to CNTRSTG

I just wanted to post a big thank you to the guys at CNTRSTG for providing a great facility to come and blog, chill, relax and be refreshed.

Download the 120 Day Evaluation Edition of Windows Home Server with Power Pack 1

Microsoft has given everyone the opportunity to download the 120 day evaluation edition of Windows Home Server and this time it includes Power Pack 1.

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