Another Good Reason to Install Windows Home Server Power Pack 3 Beta Now

If you have a Windows 7 Starter Edition computer, you really need to run the beta of Windows Home Server Power Pack 3 if you want to back it up.

First Look at Diskeeper 2010 for Windows Home Server

A few days ago we got an advanced copy of the new version of Diskeeper for Windows Home Server – Diskeeper 2010.

Mini Review of the Samsung SE-S084 External DVD drive

Here is a mini-review of teh Samsung SE-S084 External DVD drive. I purchased this DVD drive for use with both a Netbook and the Windows Home Server.

HP MediaSmart EX495 Windows Home Server Deal on Newegg are offering $100 off the price of the new HP MediaSmart EX495 Windows Home Server, and throwing in free shipping as well.

The Home Server Show Podcast 64 Out Now

Dave over at the Home Server Show Podcast has just released show 64.

Tech Tip on a Tuesday Morning – Unable to Update Windows Live Custom Domains

If you get a Windows Home Server warning that your WHS is unable to update Windows Live Custom Domains with your current IP address today, November 10th, 2009, chances are it is not your fault. We ALL are receiving this error today!

Installing a CableCARD™ Digital Cable Tuner with the new Digital Cable Advisor on a Friday night

This Friday Microsoft opened up a whole new world of media by enabling the Digital Cable Advisor in Windows Media Center. Running this tool will allow your system to be tested to accept and work with CableCard™ Digital Cable Tuners. No more hacks or copied PIDs. No more searching for OCUR compliant computers. Thank you Microsoft.

Norton Internet Security Netbooks Edition

For those of you with a netbook and no external DVD drive, Norton have a surprise for you if you want to buy security software!

Windows Home Server PHP Installer Add-in Updated

This week saw the release of the PHP Installer add-in for Windows Home Server, version 1.04 from Nigel "Cougar" Wilks.

Home Server Show Podcast 63 Now Available

Dave over at the Home Server Show Podcast has now released show number 63.

How to fix Windows Home Server when it cannot access the computer’s hard drive

Heres a suggestion for what to do when you receive this error: This computer is not online or Windows Home Server cannot access the computer's hard drive. Please make sure the computer is powered on and connected to your home network.

Activating Windows 7 Internet TV on a Friday night – Captains Supplemental

I have completed a fresh installation of Windows 7 to try another process of enabling Internet TV. This week I will walk through the process of enabling Internet TV from within Windows Media Center WITHOUT using a TV Tuner.

Tech Tip on a Tuesday Morning – Belarc Advisor

You can use the Belarc Advisor to get a detailed list of installed software, licenses and drivers on your PC prior to a clean installation. Belarc Advisor creates a web page that lists ALL of your PC data. This program is great! Seriously.

Restoring A Different Image from Windows Home Server

A friend of mine bought a new laptop that had Vista installed on it. Being the adventures type I installed it on my WHS and backed up the fresh load of Vista and promptly formatted the hard drive and installed Windows 7 RC on it.

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