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Luke Maguire

Anything with a good narrative or good gameplay I'm up for. Obsessed with series and games like Breaking Bad, Gintama, Hunter x Hunter, Metroid, Zelda, and God of War.

Review: Battlefield 2042

A poor installment for the Battlefield series. Being currently one of the worst reviewed games on Steam is it really that bad? No, it's not....

Review: Saint Kotar

Saint Kotar brings back the point and click genre and ultimately fails. Saint Kotar has a decent plot, but never improves We begin in a...

Review: Chasing Static

Chasing Static provides a unique horror experience. Chasing Static is a retro psychological horror reminiscent of the PS1 era. The retro polygon look to...

Review: Spacebase Startopia

After getting home from work you want to play videogames to relax and enjoy. Unfortunately with Spacebase Startopia it feels like another job to...

Review: DEVOUR

DEVOUR is a co-op horror survival game starring former cultists. Their mission is to stop the goat demon Azazel from being unleashed into the...

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Review: Bright Memory: Infinite

You might have heard about Bright Memory: Infinite, as “that really pretty action game made by a single developer”. The first iteration, named just...