GamingReview: Heroes of Yore

Review: Heroes of Yore


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Heroes of Yore is a turn based strategy game with a unique concept of historical and fictional figures from history.

The concept is a clever idea and having all of these unique abilities for characters in an RTS game should suit. However, there is little to no strategy in this game. Enemies hardly ever use abilities that made me struggle. I only ever had to have one healer at most and just keep attacking until I won. The retro pixelated look is unique and makes a nice change from most games.

Single Player

There is very little story, after a level they will explain why you’ll come across the next hero. We do a level unlock a character, do more levels and unlock characters while gaining exp, which also unlocks characters. Unlocking all these characters is a good reason to keep playing, but the game is so easy that I didn’t feel I need a better character or any specific abilities. If anything unlocking a new character would just make it even easier.

Going through the story is genuinely boring. You just keep attacking the enemies each round until they’re all dead. You rarely have to worry about healing or defence. There was only a few times I came across unique characters to fight against in the story and when you do they don’t ever pose a challenge. You can also collect many characters. You will also come across some who are a bit too powerful. Merlin, for example can do an aoe attack that does a heap of damage. Compare him to a character like Robin Hood who only has two single attacks that don’t do as much damage as Merlin’s aoe, it doesn’t give any reason to ever play characters like Robin Hood

There is quickplay where you gain a good amount of exp, which is a good reason to do quickplay. Single player feels like it just copies and pastes the levels over with different skins at times. If enemies had better abilities the story would be much better and enjoyable. There is voice acting for the characters, it’s pretty bad, but it’s just a few words after some moves or abilities. So, it never really bothered me.


Non existent. I have waited about ten separate times to find a game for quite a while each time and have never found a game. I’m unsure whether the problem is on my end or the games, but my internet is very good so I can’t see how it would be me. It’s highly disappointing to have a component with good potential that cant be used. Multiplayer felt like the place where I would find a challenge and would need to use strategy. Unlocking better characters for multiplayer would have been a big reason for me to keep unlocking them. But with multiplayer not being able to find me any opponents it has no use.

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Heroes of Yore for its price is an okay game, but I can’t see many wanting to spend money on a game like this. For such a cool concept, it is disappointingly lacklustre and has no replayability. It is in early access and I think with better abilities to make it more strategic, the game would greatly improve. With the story being a drag to get through, not being able to find online games really hurts Heroes of Yore’s value.


-Boring enemy variety
-No multiplayer
-No strategy needed
Played on PC (Available only on Steam)
Luke Maguire
Luke Maguire
Anything with a good narrative or good gameplay I'm up for. Obsessed with series and games like Breaking Bad, Gintama, Hunter x Hunter, Metroid, Zelda, and God of War.


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-Boring enemy variety <br /> -No multiplayer <br /> -No strategy needed <br /> Played on PC (Available only on Steam)Review: Heroes of Yore