GamingReview: Super Kickers League

Review: Super Kickers League


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Super kickers League is a 3v3 soccer game similar to the likes of Super Mario Strikers. Characters have unique abilities to use against each other to get the upper hand. There’s also no referee, so there is no rules.

The co-op is probably the best attribute of the game, still it doesn’t work great as teamwork doesn’t feel necessary to use. However, playing against a friend is fun for a while. Having said that, it becomes tiresome regardless, simply because the gameplay isn’t up to scratch. Unfortunately you can’t play them online, so it has to be a LAN party.

Super Kickers Gameplay

The main concept of Super Kickers is to use the abilities to gain an advantage to score a gaol or to stop your opponents from scoring. Some of the abilities flow quite well into the matches like gaining a speed boost, but some of the powers used are over powered and irritating to come across. One of the female characters drops a disco ball and makes all opponents dance for three seconds. Using her power was just broken because nearly every time it was used a goal would be scored. One power was a UFO that would take a player away and make it 3v2 game making it a bit unfair. As a whole the idea of abilities are good, unfortunately some just don’t fit in well and tend to make it unfair as there is no counter to most abilities.

Super Kickers League match

What about the gameplay in general? The no rules concept is interesting, being able to topple an opponent over is satisfying. The gameplay itself isn’t that good though. Dribbling feels like the ball is just attached to the players feet, the passing is poor at best. Instead of passing I’d just sprint with one player up the pitch, as when I passed I felt that I was always liable to losing the ball. Shooting feels extremely random at best. I would have shot from the exact same position with the same player and same power and the ball ends up in a different place each time. I can score a screamer from the halfway line, yet I can’t score right in front of the keeper. Also, the keeper will just come out of the semi circle and still catch the ball or handle it. I know there is no rules, but having the keeper catch the ball wherever he wants just contradicts the sport.


It doesn’t make you want to keep playing unfortunately. It is fun to mess around in the the first few games, but there’s never anything different in the game. There’s also little progression after half an hour. I had unlocked half of everything locked in game. A multiplayer mode would of definitely helped the game. Almost every sports game relies on on multiplayer to keep the game going for their annual release.

The gameplay wasn’t good enough to keep me playing and the progression certainly wasn’t. You play in different league cups and the objective is to win all your games and win the cup. After I won my first one I didn’t feel a need to play the next cup. It was just the same thing except a different cup to win at the end. The games never really went differently, bar different abilities for various opponents.


I could see children enjoying it for maybe a few hours, even so an adult wouldn’t be kept occupied for long at all. It’s not a terrible game, but comparing it to Super Mario Strikers, which is over ten years old and you see all the flaws in Super Kickers League. To sum it up, it’s an inferior version of Super Mario Strikers in almost everyway. If the gameplay was better the game would of naturally had better longevity. Sadly Super Kickers League can’t be recommended for the price of €14.99.


+Mindless fun for a short while
-Overpowered abilities
-Lack of a good progression system
-Gameplay lacks consistency
Played on PC (Available on PS4, Nintendo Switch and Steam)
Luke Maguire
Luke Maguire
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Review: Super Kickers League+Mindless fun for a short while <br /> -Overpowered abilities <br /> -Lack of a good progression system <br /> -Gameplay lacks consistency <br /> Played on PC (Available on PS4, Nintendo Switch and Steam)