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Jeremiah Foo

Jeremiah is a history student with a love for games, introduced into the world of gaming by his grandfather at age 3 playing looney toons on the N64. When not swamped with assignments, he spends his time binge watching the latest Netflix series or playing Tekken.

Review: Zack 2: Celestine’s Map

Zack 2: Celestine’s Map is a game that features a world full of magic, secrets and supernatural creatures. You play as one of three...

Review: Battle Hunters

Battle Hunters is your typical adventure RPG game set in an unknown faraway kingdom in need of saving. On your quest to save the...

Review: Ori and the Will of the Wisps

If I had to describe this game in a single word, it would be “Masterpiece”. Ori and the Will of the Wisps is genuinely...

Review: Fatal Fury: First Contact

Fatal Fury is a part of SNK’s fighting game franchise, which dates way back into the late 20th century where arcade cabinets were still...

Review: Faeria

Collectable card games (CCGs) have become an increasingly popular genre over the years, following the release of Hearthstone in 2014. Since then, many other...

Review: Calico

Calico is an interesting indie take on an open-world café simulator.

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Review: Train Station Renovation

Flight Simulator was a game that came out many years ago and found a niche, a very big niche which allowed to basically be...

Review: Hell Let Loose

Review: Diner Bros Inc