GamingReview: Zack 2: Celestine’s Map

Review: Zack 2: Celestine’s Map


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Zack 2: Celestine’s Map is a game that features a world full of magic, secrets and supernatural creatures. You play as one of three different characters; Zack, Meggy and Amice, as you traverse through the lands to save your brother from the evil wizard Celestine. Sounds like an interesting plot, doesn’t it? Well, that was my thoughts exactly until I booted the game to find out how messy, incomplete, and terrible this game was.

Zack 2: Celestine’s Map was hands down the worst game I’ve ever played. Everything from its user interface to gameplay was just a pain to manoeuvre through. Firstly, let’s talk about the interface. Everything looked so messy. This huge banner at the top blocked HP bars and what I presumed to be the MP bar at the upper left-hand corner. It just kept popping out from time to time as I pressed buttons on my keyboard. The map just looks plain ugly and so does the weapon wheel at the lower right-hand corner. The fonts used in the game also look really ugly and out of place. It just feels so aesthetically disastrous.

The gameplay is also so bad right from the get-go. Everything feels so clunky and just torturous to play. The character you control seems to be in a running motion but has a move speed of what I presume to simulate the movement of a snail. He literally runs as fast as he walks. It wouldn’t be far fetched to say that even my grandmother could run faster than this dude. Opening chests in this game also really feel more like breaking boxes instead. To open chests, you have to hit them with your sickle. They then crack open as if you’re breaking a wooden crate. Really, it just feels so wrong to be breaking chests with your sickle. It feels as if the game developers were didn’t give a crap about the intricacies of their game at all. The main character is even as tall as a tree as if he was a titan from the Attack on Titan series. Everything about this game just makes me feel uneasy.

Just a horrible experience overall

This game was so bad, I couldn’t even last 1 hour of playtime. First impressions are usually extremely important in the gaming industry today. With thousands of games in the market, first impressions are usually what hooks a player to a game and determines if they decide to continue playing or request for a refund. Zack 2: Celestine’s Map doesn’t just butcher its first moments but has a crappy gameplay to boot as well. At a price of around 10 USD, I’d rather get a value meal or two at MacDonald’s than play this game. Really and truly disappointing.


- Bad gameplay
- Horrible UI and overall design

(Reviewed on the PC)
Jeremiah Foo
Jeremiah is a history student with a love for games, introduced into the world of gaming by his grandfather at age 3 playing looney toons on the N64. When not swamped with assignments, he spends his time binge watching the latest Netflix series or playing Tekken.


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