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Jon is an entrepreneur who has been involved with technology for over 20 years. Jon is a Certified Windows Phone Expert and is honored to be a Microsoft MVP.

Where’s NoDo? Microsoft explains the WP7 Update process

Microsoft's Eric Hautala, General Manager of Customer Experience Engineering for Windows Phone, posted about the Windows Phone Update and Timing process on the Windows Phone Blog today.

WP7 “NoDo” update will arrive in the second half of March

According to Microsoft France's Official Blog, the anticipated WP7 NoDo update which was rumored for "early March" adding copy and paste and several performance tweaks, as well as CDMA, is now expected to arrive in the second half of March.

New WP7 Ad “Real Time Trials” challenges the competition

Microsoft launched the all new Windows Phone, a little over three months ago. There were ads plastered all over the internet and a good number of "Glance and Go" based TV commercials to get the word out. It seems Microsoft has been preparing a second wave of advertisements and will soon be unleashing a Windows Phone ad campaign on the Internet.

WP7’s first minor Update encounters some problems

Apparently, WP7's first update encountered what it was set out to do; Prepare and find the problems prior to the major update being rolled out. According to some users, (especially those with Samsung models). The minor update that started to be pushed out to WP7 devices, on Monday, Feb. 21., hangs during the backup process.

WP7 gets Minor Update paving the way for NoDo Update in March.

Starting today, a minor update will be rolled out preparing your WP7 device and Zune client for upcoming updates. The major update that most have been waiting for with “copy and paste”, know as "NoDo" is still scheduled for March and won’t be included in the minor update being rolled out this week.

Microsoft and Nokia Announce Mobile Strategic Partnership

Nokia and Microsoft today announced plans to form a broad strategic partnership that would use their complementary strengths and expertise to create a new global mobile ecosystem.

Windows Phone’s First Update Available Soon!

Based on the Microsoft KB article 2484484 “Troubleshooting problems during software update for Windows Phone 7” which has been released in anticipation of the upcoming update for Windows Phone 7.

Google accuses Bing of recycling search results!

Early yesterday mourning Google accused Microsoft of copying search results. Obviously, Microsoft denied the accusation with a simple response, “We do not copy Google's results."

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