TechMicrosoftNew WP7 Ad "Real Time Trials" challenges the competition

New WP7 Ad “Real Time Trials” challenges the competition


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Microsoft launched the all new Windows Phone, a little over three months ago.  There were ads plastered all over the internet and a good number of “Glance and Go” based TV commercials to get the word out.

It seems Microsoft has been preparing a second wave of advertisements and will soon be unleashing  a Windows Phone ad campaign on the Internet.  Lucky for us, Winrumors was able to acquire a draft of one of the Ads.  In this video ad, Microsoft shows off the snappiness of  the Windows Phone device in a number of different scenarios.

Checking Xbox achievements, getting directions and telling colleagues you’ll be late, are three of the challenges.

The current video shows a place holder where devices from the competition can be placed.

Tasks are completed by the users and then they humorously make use of their free time as they wait for the rival device to catch up.


Jon da Silva
Jon da Silva
Jon is an entrepreneur who has been involved with technology for over 20 years. Jon is a Certified Windows Phone Expert and is honored to be a Microsoft MVP.

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