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Christopher McNally

Reviewing games since 2007. Been on TV 3 times losing badly on The Weakest Link, 1 vs 100 and Two Tribes. Fantasy Football enthusiast.

Review: Farm Manager 2022

I often drive by farms as I make my way through the countryside from one town to another, every now and again I wonder...

Review: Andro Dunos 2

There's been a few classic shoot-em-ups being released recently, a throwback to a bygone era where all you had to do was move your...

Review: Probe: A Game Dev Experience!

Every now and again you get an opportunity to play something quite new in terms of experience. Probe: A Game Dev Experience! is a...

Review: Way Down

I've played a fair few games adapted from films over the years, they tend to be as good as film adaptations of games for...

Review: Train Station Renovation

Flight Simulator was a game that came out many years ago and found a niche, a very big niche which allowed to basically be...

Review: Red Wings: Aces of the Sky

Red Wings: Aces of the Sky brings you a conflict you may not know too much about. World War One was the first World...

Review: The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is the latest or arguable earliest instalment of the Ace Attorney series of games acting almost as a prequel....

Review: Necromunda: Hired Gun

Necromunda: Hired Gun is a first person shooter set in the darkest fathoms of Warhammer 40,000's most famous hive city, For the uninitiated a...

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Review: GSP 301 Gaming Headset

A simple but well-constructed wired gaming headset.

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